I have been dancing from an early age and was classically trained at The Royal Ballet School from the age of 10.



This training has proved invaluable and has put me in good stead for my career as a street dance teacher. It gave me such a strong belief in self discipline, self control, hard work and the willingness to learn and achieve my goals.

No matter what your age, personality or ability, I believe that being part of a class that is so full of energy and excitement, can only bring out the best in you and give you the self belief and confidence that some of you never imagined you had.

My passion is dance and my goal is to pass on that passion and help each and everyone of you to achieve your goals and dreams.

I am also a mother of two, living in Brighton. It is a wonderful city to bring up my children in and also a great place to live.

I'm so inspired by them and am in a privileged position of having them to keep me in touch with the needs of the younger generation.


Also having met other mothers that wanted to dance had been an inspiration to me. They wanted a place where they could dance comfortably and not feel intimidated. They also wanted something that would take their minds off there day to day routines and give them the opportunity to be 'themselves'.....just as I did. Hence, the birth of FUNKYMOTHER!